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Originally Posted by bpm32 View Post
A Maryland 03 FFL-holder would still have to go through a waiting period for a transfer from an MD 01 FFL though, wouldn’t he? This is such an odd case, I’m actually not sure. My guess would be that once the C&R firearm arrives at an MD 01, it becomes “a Maryland transfer” and having the 03 FFL gets you nothing.
Yes, still need a 77R and everything that entails for in-state transfers.

I know some people who have the MD FFL01 hand off C&R handguns to an out of state FFL01 like at gun shows so they can pick them up immediately as an FFL03.

MD FFL03s can still get C&R firearms shipped to them and they’ll be exempt from the long gun private transfer ban about to go into effect.
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