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Originally Posted by nate View Post
In case you donít have the steps for removing and installing the bolt.
1. Lift up on the bolt handle
2. Put safety in fire position
3. Pull and hold the trigger with one hand, then push forward on the bolt release lever with the other hand
4. With the bolt release held all the way forward, release the trigger and slide the bolt out of the receiver.
To install.
1. With the safety in the fire position, pull and hold the trigger with one hand, then push and hold the bolt release forward. Release the trigger.
2. Make sure the bolt handle is in the normal open position and slide the bolt forward making sure the bolt body is aligned with the loading platform.
3. When the bolt has entered the loading port area, release the bolt release lever.
Donít know if the sequence has anything to do with the problem you are having with the trigger but it may be possible. This is from the manual for the rifle.

I also have an H&R model 5200, which is the civilian version of the M12. I notice that I have to pull the trigger to replace the bolt in the receiver. With the M12, it slides in with only the bolt release lever being pushed forward.
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