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Hi Nate & hebes 405,

Honestly, just wide guess's on my part.
Does that wire spring look correct? Can it be rubbing on the bedding job?
Calfed does the trigger action work correctly out of the stock?

Since the stock was bedded, did you possibly bend the walls on the trigger unit a tad when the action was removed causing a bind?

When I was preparing one of my 03A3's DRILL rifles for shooting. I bought a NOS bolt it did not fit the receiver. The bolts on the other thee rifles just dropped in, without the barrel mounted. I assumed I knew were the problem was. I did screw up a costly part ONCE on another project!

I measured all the bolt dimensions I could. The new one was with in tolerance! I used black marker to discover the tight spot. No JOY!

I thought I knew three spots that might cause a problem, went to see the last old gunsmith in the area. "You may be right" with a smile he try's it looks at it.
He whips out a fine stone makes two pass's with the stone at the other end of the bolt & it drops right in! He smiles & said the first step to learning stuff it to admit you don't know! No charge!

Hope you sort it out?
broom -still willing to learn

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