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There were two manufacturers and several generations of Chinese M14 ( they are NOT M1A's--that's an SAI product, exclusively and ONLY!!) and their barrels.

However, the barrels were all very good in terms of roundness, straightness, dimensional conformance, concentricity, and so on. A few early ones featured the very loose "NATO" chambering similar to that found on HK21 GPMG's, however, and while accurate, they were TROUBLE in terms of brass life and getting them to civvy headspace specs.

There's a middle area, before rifled firearms from China were effectively banned due to very heavily financed lobbying pressure and bribery, from stateside manufacturers, where it seemed for a while every one I measured and tested had significant differences from the last...very few of which impacted performance downrange.

I always thought the first of them were designed for Chinese-made, steel-cased, "throw away the hulls" ammo. Almost tore my arm out of the socket trying to resize some G.I. brass fired through an early NORINCO, then took the brass to a gun show to dump it. Not worth pulled muscles!!!

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