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Originally Posted by ropinc View Post
I'm looking at a 1903 C stock marked in a way that I have never seen.

It is a well made stock. It has two cross bolts. No grasping grooves. It has no markings on the left side. On the right side, near the rear cross bolt, is a deeply struck large ordnance wheel.

None of my reference books cover a stock marked like this. Has anybody seen a stock marked like this? There can't be only one of them out there. Thanks for the help in advance.
Could you post a photo of the ordnance wheel on the 1903 stock?

I once saw a ordnance wheel on a 1903 stock with no hardware or hole drilled in the fore end. I thought it was strange an acceptance stamp would be present on a stock which likely had not been assembled as part of a complete rifle. Only 1903 stock I could recall that had a ordnance wheel. I passed on buying the stock.
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