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Originally Posted by Jorjenboy View Post
Yeah... I put in an order for an IHC SG in January and had to call about a credit card fraud issue last week... While talking I was told the IHC SG was on back order and had no fill date but was told they had SA SG in stock to ship so I said sure... She called me back a few minutes later and said they had a few IHC FG if I was interested and I said yes Ma'am... I got it a couple days ago and am very pleased! Now to figure the history out...
That's an interesting rifle. Definitely a classic mixmaster and probably like most M1's it's been rebuilt. The stock is very interesting. It's a right side stamped San Antonio Arsenal with a prefix rebuild stock. They're not rare but you don't see a lot of them either. What kind of barrel and op rod does it have?
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