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Originally Posted by bote View Post
I wish there were a simple explanation for the matches held at Camp Perry. I've planned on going the last couple years but something always comes up (surgery, the experience of shooting in a driving rainstorm at the Talledega 600 WITH a roof, etc.). I assume the National Trophy matches are 600 yards and the others are 200.
Not that difficult you just need to read the rulebooks and program book.

Yes all national trophy matches (P100 / NTI / Hearst / NTT) fire 200/300/600. NTIT (Rattle Battle) is a different COF team match. Everything else except for vintage sniper and M1A fire 200 yards on the SR. VS fires 300/600 on the SR3 / MR1 and M1A fires all from 300 on the SR3 target.
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