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Actually, the post you're responding to is old already. Camp Smith doesn't allow anything other than 223 now. Camp Smith is stating that the Defense Department has designated other facilities to be used for training with 30 cal weapons, not Camp Smith for some reason. Other bases have been given the same directives from what I have heard.

Last September for the World Police/Fire Games they made an exception at Camp Smith because they didn't get the information out soon enough so they grandfathered the Games match to allow for 308 to be fired there. Nothing over a 223 since.
Not sure what the Match rifle guys with all of their 6BR's are going to do.
Last week, Camp Smith finally approved some Highpower dates for 2012. There will be a HP match on July 8. There are also HP Matches on 8/26 and 10/28. September hasn't been approved as of yet.

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