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Originally Posted by jbayless View Post
I'm looking for any club around San Antonio that does CMP rifle matches. Anyone have info? The search function did not help.

I live very close to the Lyons match. It is a reduced course (100 yards) with a small but absolutely fantastic group of people that attend. I didn’t know anything about highpower/service rifle, I was just looking for a place to shoot my newly acquired M1 Garand with some people that new something about them (I had never shot one before, and figured that would be a good place to find some “experience””). Even though I was the only one with a Garand, everyone there was super friendly, encouraging, and welcomed me into the sport. They had extra equipment that they outfitted me with, fixed problems that I had, and coached me through the positions.

I cannot speak highly enough of the people that attend the Lyons match at Brazos Valley Service Rifle. If every club was like this, the world of shooting sports would be GREATLY improved.

Anyways, I know it would be a long drive from San Antonio… especially for a reduced course… but the people are top notch.

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