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Default Abe Lincoln Gun Club-Springfield, IL

The Abe Lincoln Gun Club in Springfield, Illinois has shoots.

From the website


- 200 YARD RANGE -

CMP High Power/ Service Rifle Matches

Mar 25

Apr 29+

May 20

June 24

July 22+

Aug 19

Sept 23*

Oct 7

A 50 round match. 20 rounds prone slow fire, 10 rounds prone rapid fire, 10 rounds sitting rapid fire and 10 rounds standing slow fire.

Any CMP approved "as issued" service rifle.

+Bolt Matches (following CMP Match): A 30 round bolt-action only service rifle match.

*Dr. Richards/Roy Christy Memorial Match. The 50 round CMP NM Course Service Rifle

Match will be shot followed by a 30 round Garand-only match. (September 23)

April 22 - There will be a CMP class on the rules, regulations and the different positions fired. Anyone interested please contact Todd (217-629-8683)
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