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Originally Posted by rutter View Post
I enjoyed the videos. I think the standard set by Mr. Ocab for target service in his videos is a worthy standard (10 seconds). I would add that the NRA Highpower rules note that the normal time required from firing the shot until the target is again ready averages 15-18 seconds. So don't stress if you are running longer than 10 seconds and are new to the game. The shooter appreciates it if you can keep things humming. I preferred to take an extra second for quality control - proper contrast for spotting disk, scoring disk correct, that sort of thing.
As a shooter (these things should not bother you but) i rather have the puller take longer than rush dump the target 1/2 way up then yank it down to move spotter or score disc. Actually i would rather they toss it up and wait for a line/shooter to call out to fix any mistakes.
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