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I have a question regarding the Edit DDL Pages. Is hitting the enter key on the keyboard the required way to save new values?

Working with your default Firearm Custom Tags 0-4, lets say I want to add a 5 to the list. After selecting Add Value I replace the 'Enter New Value' with my 5 and hit Close. That 5 does not show up in the DDL unless I reenter the Edit DDL Page or navigate away from the ID tab and back. Then the 5 shows in the DDL. Now if I hit enter on the keyboard after entering the 5 it immediately shows in the DDL.

Something a little weirder but similar to above. Say I want to add a 5, 6 and 7 at the same time to that DDL. Using this method...
hit Add value > input 5, add value > input 6, add value > input 7, then close
That 5 is not saved but the 6 & 7 are there, navigating away and back the 5 is still missing. (if I do 5 though 9, the 5 and 7 are not saved)

Now what does work is...
hit Add value > input 5 > enter (on the keyboard), add value > input 6 > enter, add value > input 7 > enter, then close
That will save 5 though 7 correctly. I don't remember anywhere else in the app the enter key being required for saving a value or text, I didn't think it would be needed here either?

Feature request - in the Edit DDL Page still, would it be possible to have the 'Enter New Value' text disappear when selecting that line instead of having to delete those characters before you can enter your value?
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