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19 Jun 2011 Match
This clubs first CMP sactioned event.

John C. Garand
Competitor Slow prone Rapid Prone Standing Total
Mark 98/2x 81 94/3x 273/5x
Brad 95/1x 91/2x 86 272/3x
Farrell 96/4x 91/1x 78 265/5x
Tim 89 77 58 224/0x
Jerry 86/2x 63 47 196/2x

John C. Garand (re-entry)
Mark 97/4x 97/2x 92 286/6x
Tim 84 78/1x 46 208/1x

Brad (A3) 96 80 91 267/0x
Jerry (A3) 90 58 47 195/0x

Modern Military
Farrell (FAL) 95/2x 88/1x 88/1x 271/4x

This was a fun first sanctioned match with plenty of empty spaces on the firing line. New shooters are welcome.

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