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Default Camp Perry June 26/27 800 point aggregate, EIC

Am trying to decide between the 800 Aggregate, the EIC, and the Garland/Springfield/vintage/Modern matches at Camp Perry June 26-27. I shot the May GSVM match and had fun with that.

Sounds like all the matches are on the KTS electronic targets. GSVM is on Petrarca at 100 yards. The 800 agg and EIC are on Viale. I think I understand the 800 course of fire, that is 20 slow standing at 200, 10 rapid sitting/kneeling at 200, 10 rapid prone at 300, and 20 slow prone at 600, right?

I did not realize the KTS targets could be used on the longer courses.

What is the EIC course of fire?

I have not done many matches, so I Am leaning towards the GSVM match, to build on my results from last month. ( I just bought a jacket after last month’s match) and think I might be able to get bronze with a little more practice. If I do the 600 yard matches, I probably have too much learning curve to do as well there.

Any words of wisdom?
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