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Originally Posted by AWOhio View Post
I've looked at the Alliance Rifle Club site before, and it looks good. The calendar is a bit confusing for a non-member. Is XTC the across the course 200,300,600 type match?

Is there an FAQ that gives details about the course of fire, start time, etc?

Looks like it is a little more than 2 hours from me, which isn't bad.
The calendar is for members to schedule range time. You need to look at the match schedule section.
The squading time is always subject to change so it's best to join the Facebook or mewee group.

That's correct. XTC matches at Malvern are NRA 800 point, across the course, matches Fired at 2,3 and 600 yards. MR/LR Is a combined mid range (600 yard) or long range (1000 yard) match fired simultaneously. MR/LR matches are almost always on E targets. The XTC matches have been 50/50 on etarget or pit duty.
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