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Excellent, 2 real good books to read. And yes like you i now have 2 mann accuracy devices, and i just picked up a couple of months ago a barrel from a mann accuracy device. My first one i bought was an abandon project from the group as i had stated in another thread and can be converted back to original, no drilling to the reciever, i turned it into a bench/ sniper rifle and won a f class/ prone match with it (200yd reduced targets).

the other one i have is put away for a rainy day, more of a safe queen, now that i have a back up barrel. But if im lucky i might put close to a 100 or less thru it a year so the barrel should last me a life time. i am hoping this year that i will get a chance to shoot it at a physical 600yds. Now you had just given me 2 books that im going to have to find time to read(other then my usual transmission manuals), i read the article on mr. mann, very interesting biography on him and his life and interests. By the way what ever happened to the postal match that everyone was hyped up for and i dont think it ever happened.

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