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Default Spacer for Mann Rifle

This thread is trying to determine if there is enough interest in a spacer to replace the collar on the Mann Accuracy Device, when converting it into a rifle.

BubbaTheKid's friend Jim made a spacer for his rifle, but did that when Jim was in a slack period at work.

If there is enough interest in getting more made, Jim might be willing to make some more. However, custom work isn't cheap, so we also need to determine a price point that satisfies both the customer and the machinist.

If you are interested in a spacer (one or more), please post in this thread. Also indicate what price you would be willing to pay.

Once it appears that there is sufficient interest, we can see what Jim would be willing to make that number for.

I will start:

steelap - 2 spacers - $25 each.

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