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Others will chime in....... but......FWIW:

You maybe confusing or combining the rules to Service Rifle and the CMP Games Military Matches.
The former doesn't have a weight limit, the latter does.

The HBAR version is just that- a Heavy Barrel version- so it isn't the same as the USMC (USGI) A2 barrel. Yours is heavy thru out whereas the A2 is tapered for some length under the handguards.

IDK about the Games matches but under SR rules: Iron and Scopes shoot together.

If you are happier shooting an M1, why switch?

If you would clarify if you want to shoot the Games matches or Service Rifle, then you might get better advice.

PS..... also you may not be allowed to shoot the HBAR (A2) by simply mounting a scope on it..... IIRC there is a height limit there, so you cant simply bolt on a scope atop the Carry Handle.
Service Rifle.... RIP .... 1884-2015

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