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Originally Posted by Talyn1 View Post
MMR is a CMP label for their type of sanctioned matches. I know this forum is for CMP competitions. But there are other AR-type Service Rifle/other label competitive matches, and many more than those held by CMP. There is no need to give up on the hobby.

If you have any NRA-sponsored High Power matches within your area of access, and check the 2018 NRA High Power Rule book you'll see that their Service Rifle category nearly duplicates the 2018 CMP MMR configuration specs, as they did in prior years, but without any specified weight.

I haven't seen the 2019 NRA High Power Rules yet (May-ish) but if that pattern holds its likely you're good-to-go for a NRA-sanctioned match with a CMP MMR configured AR. You just won't have to deal with the 7.5 lb. threshold, if the NRA continues not to specify a weight limit.

Look in the Coming Events section of Shooting Sports USA (monthly-on-line only) for any scheduled matches within the area you're willing to travel to. or in the SSUSA e-magazine.

Here's the Jan 2019 schedule. Check regularly for updates since its early.

Here's MI contact. MICHIGAN, Utica: 200 YD, May 1-Oct. 31; L. Fey, 21046 Lantz St., Clinton Township, MI 48035;

BTW, an NRA "match" AR has equivalent specs as the CMP " Service Rifle".
You are confused.

CMP MODERN MILITARY is a CMP GAMES match. This is a match fired entirely @ 200 yards on the SR target. The COF is 180 degrees from true high power and aligns with all of the other games matches (Garand / Springfield / vintage).

CMP High Power (non national trophy / non EIC) are referred to as CUP matches on the travel / national match level. On the club level they are no different than NRA HP matches.

CMP Modern Military rules for firearms and matches are found in the CMP GAMES Rulebook. Service rifle & match rifle rules and match procedures are found in the CMP Service Rifle Rulebook. Alternately they align generally with NRA High Power rules.
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