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Originally Posted by vagrant View Post
However if the ordinary Joe has an arsenal rebuilt Carbine, he wouldn't know how to fake it into 'bring back' state to gouge a trusting Joe Buyer without factory docs.
Right on that, which is why I don't try it. One problem is that things like War Baby are not exhaustive, and Ruth notes that. Knowledgeable people (and that does not include me) here or at the Carbine Club are a good source. I wondered if the POB front sight on my likely unmolested QHMC was really original to the carbine. Ruth doesn't list it for QHMC, but I found a discussion thread here that says it is, and I'll trust that. So I imagine some people swap out truly original parts in a quest for originality, and buyers freak out at any imagined deviation from it. [Edit] Or parts that while marked for the manufacturer make no sense, like the SG-marked M2 trigger housing on the 1943 SG M1 carbine I bought 34 years ago in Minneapolis.[end edit]

I will say that I swapped out ugly FAT marked M2 stocks on the CMP carbines I got in 2008 for used stocks (none pristine) that match the manufacturer and date of the carbine. See no harm in that. If I ever sell these, I will reveal that and give the buyer a discount if he wants the M2 stock (saved them all) instead. Matter of fact I have documented this so that when I croak, my kids won't be deceived, either.

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