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Originally Posted by krdomingue View Post
The CMP sold M14 parts kits way back when made up from decommissioned M14s, but that is no longer possible. The current practice/policy(law?) is to destroy every functional part of any automatic rifle, so nothing is left but scrap.
I recall it quickly becoming a PITA for the CMP. They offered A & B kits and there were a series of complaints and returns.

I was in the old SS one day and was told to buy them while you could since the CMP was selling remaining stock to another vendor. This was after a very rude customer was asked to leave the store. He was angry they wouldn’t open the kits to allow him to pick the best one. At the time you bought a kit, sight unseen, luck of the draw.

In the end it Just wasn’t worth the aggravation for them.

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