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Originally Posted by drharm View Post
I recently purchased a Smith Corona with the Mann Accuracy Barrel. The tag that is wired to the trigger guard has various information about the rifle including the caliber and when is was broke in. I have completely looked over the rifle and other than a number on the barrel there is no caliber designation on the firearm. So, the question of the day is:

If the tag was to get separated from the rifle, does that number on the barrel give an indicator of the caliber?

Without taking the rifle to a gunsmith how does one verify that it is indeed a .308 versus 30.06?

Thanks for your time.

Darrell (aka drharm)
Steven T. Rutledge's report is the most comprehensive document I have seen on what MANN Accracy Devices have been available from the CMP. I have two MANN barrels on Remington receivers and both barrels are engraved "7.62mm" (NATO 308). Keep in mind, these devices were designed to test ammunition and the head space will be set accordingly. I have seen many posts by owners who took their MANN device to a gun smith and was told the chamber had to be reamed. That is completely false information but it is true if all you want to do is shoot commercial ammunition in it. ANY brass that has been full length sized with a SMALL BASE base die will chamber in both of my MANN barrels.
(Update) You posted your photos while I was posting my comments. From the photos I suspect your MANN device is 30-06 but that would not be difficult to determine. As I wrote above, if it has not yet been reworked by a gun smith the chamber will be tight and commercial ammunition will probably not chamber in it. I advise against trying to put a live round in it until you have determined exactly what it is chambered for. If you have access to a small base 30-06 die, just size a case and try it. That would help you decide.

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