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Not really enough photos to tell about this rifle. Presentation rifles I have received have not had welded gas cylinder/gc lock, or lock screw. Welds on the barrel to receiver varied from hardly any to 1/2 the way around. Bolts you toss. Barrels you toss. No welds in the op rod channels. Now a true drill rifle from the CMP is a different story. It likely will have a welded gas cylinder assembly and could have a weld in the op rod channel. Some of the barrel welds to receivers look like the welder just threw the weld at the barrel and hoped it stuck all the way to " I'll burn this one in so deep that it goes into the bore." You can look at the receiver on the presentation ones and see how much heating was done by the discolorations of the park job. Remember, even SA did welding on the receivers and in some cases, built the fronts back up by adding metal to them. Each receiver is different.
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