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When an ammo crunch happens, people buy what they can. If they have a 410, they buy 410, and much more than they normally would buy because there is concern about whether they can get it in the future. Same with other calibers. As to the manufactures, to the extent they can shift from 30-06 or 270, etc. to 308 or 5.56, I expect they do so, since those are more popular calibers. Same with pistol calibers. If it works that way, then supply of "less" popular calibers decreases, while demand increases. And they can't just add production capacity.

As to European ammo, powder, primers, brass, lead, copper, etc. are commodities. It doesn't matter where / who supplies the commodities, when demand increases, price increases. And when there is a shift in the demand curve and/or the supply curve (like now), prices increase more.
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