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LOL! I think I need to work on my reading comprehension.

Armed with this new information, I checked my instructions for the whole series (753, 853 and 953) and could not find it pictured in any of the parts diagrams or lists. I'm not sure they do a whole lot functionally. I'm guessing they were there to keep the barrel band from pulling the barrel into contact with the frame. I coach at a High School Air Rifle program, and have had these guns apart literally hundreds of times and most times, those spacers have zero pressure exerted on them. If I were determined to replace that spacer and didn't have access to the genuine part, I'd probably put a dab of hot glue there to approximate the spacer (hot glue would probably work better as it would stay in place versus that spacer that slides around and falls out the first chance it gets as you disassemble the gun.
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