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I think this is great. In my humble opinion, all service rifles should be designed to be used either right handed or left handed. AND shooters should be trained to shoot both ways.

I personally had to learn to do things in an ambidextrous manner when my right arm went into a cast at age 14. My uncle (a Korean War army veteran) encouraged me to learn to shoot both right handed and left handed. He told me that there would be times when one might have to switch from one to the other due to an injury or tactical situation.

Although I am primarily a right handed rifleman, I have a number of relatives who are/were left handed shooters, so I often hear of difficulties they had with certain firearms, and how they had to deal with them.

Knowing how to shoot "lefty" allowed me to shoot a 13 point buck that presented himself on the right side of my tree stand back in 2013. If I had moved around to shoot using a right handed hold, he would have disappeared. But by slowly shifting my muzzle loader and shooting left handed, I got him.

I think all rules of competition should allow either right or left handed shooting.
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