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".......I think all rules of competition should allow either right or left handed shooting......."

As a Lefty, I've never been forced to shoot either way by either the rules or anybody else.

With the exception of figuring out a slight technique in loading, the M1 Garand is easily ambidextrous as is.
The M14 is ambidextrous as is.
The M16 is (IMHO) ambidextrous as is too.

I've never felt slowed or at an disadvantage being a lefty shooting any of these rifles as is. So these, now allowed modifications are, for me, of no value.
The OP feels differently and posted such....... YMMV.

But in a general sense, this is another example of how the CMP (in trying to get more shooters involved) has ended the concept of a "Service Rifle" in competition.
The whole idea was to train civilians with the current service rifle of the day so if they entered or returned to Military Service they would be trained in that Rifle.
The M4/M16 has never had any of these modifications to "help" the few lefties in the ranks.
So we are moving away from the "Service Rifle" even more............. for what reason???
Service Rifle.... RIP .... 1884-2015

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