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Originally Posted by bpm32 View Post
The newer Colt safeties are reversible and are used on USGI rifles, so it’s kind of weird that it took CMP this long to allow left handed shooters to swap it around. It’s probably because no one bothered to mention it.

I definitely agree that shooting an AR left handed with the safety level under your knuckle was a pain with an A1 grip. I had to start using an A2 grip to lower my hand and get it out of the way.
Interesting..... is that part of the M4A1 upgrade?
Because the M16 series didn't have that and last year while in Afghanistan the units I worked with had the standard M4's.
So in other words, what is your source for that?

And I like being able to reference where the safety is (on safe? Semi? Burst?) by using my trigger finger. If in doubt I can find out without even looking.... ...... and your trigger finger should be indexed off from the trigger anyways.
So I haven't had an issue at all with a standard AR.
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