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Originally Posted by letterman View Post
I thought that if I bid 100.00 in max and someone puts in 101.00 the computer will bid 1.00 until it reaches 101.00. And that would take a matter of seconds. Then I would have to put another higher bid in.
It does it by the highest amount that has been bid above what the next highest is. In most cases, if you bid $100.00 it will go to $101.00. But you can also have someone who doesn't bid in strictly even dollars so if you bid $100.00 and the bid $100.01, it only goes up by the 1 cent above your bid because they bid before you did. The only bidding where it shows what you bid is if you are below a minimum set by the CMP. If it is a 1911 you are bidding on, it will follow that rule until it reaches the minimum that the CMP put on it. After that point, it goes up by $1.00 or their bid increment setting or to the highest bid above the next highest. So if you see a bid of $1000 on the 1911s it has not met the minimum and is the max bid that has been placed. If you see a $2000.00 bid that means that someone bid $1999.00 to $2000 and another person bid $2000.
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