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Campbell's first book "The '03 Springfields" was published by Fadco Publishing Co. in 1957. A second edition was published by RayRiling books in 1971 and is characterized in the fronticepiece as "completely revised, updated and enlarged".
I believe there may have been another edition by Collector Grade Publications in 1990's but I am not sure about that.

In any case Campbell produced his final (self published) edition in 2003. That edition benefits from a lot of information that was not declassified until near the time of publication.

Crossman's volume, as Updated by Roy Dunlap, is also interesting and very useful for completeness but at its core the information dates to the 30's so some of it, like the world war II variants is dated.

There definitely is information in 2003 that you will not find in earlier editions of Campbell.
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