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It was a fun day and Ron took high score with his 03. Man I have to learn how to drive a stick as well as he can.

I started out well in the slow prone. 190 with only one 8. I missed having all 20 in the black by a 1/16" or less. That may not be good compared to others, but it was still slightly better than I had ever done before. Standing was the best I have ever done at 75 points. Not good but that's because I'm not that good. But it is still the best I have ever done in that position. Problem was I stunk up the world in rapids. All I had to do was shoot close to my average for rapids and I would have topped my highest score by 20 points. Ended up a little lower than my highest score.

Good points to take away. I scored on every shot. I have always had at least one case of cerebral flatulence in each of my previous matches. But not this one. It was satisfying not having that dreaded 'wonder where that one went' feeling. And 5 points is 5 points.
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