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Default Mann sled

Originally Posted by VMFn542bob View Post
I don't know what you are referring to as "bosses".
If these are the two "donut" shaped bearings used to support the barrel in the early days of field testing with a "V" block, it would not apply to the MANN Accuracy rifles sold by the CMP. The CMP MANN rifles were supported by the collar at the breech, or the breech end of the barrel, and the barrel floated freely.
There are two clamps for the lack of a better word where the barrels could be mounted, the sled slides in a large "V' block with spring to either side. I need a general measurement between the collars on a barrel or two to see if it matches up. It all weighes an easy 150 lbs. The pictures of the various bases are very similar, but no pictures are up close.
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