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We'll have fun and how many times have we all heard well I don't plan on buying a rifle. I just came back from vacation and visiting the southstore twice and the north store once I had planned on picking up a M1. Since I'm from the west coast and I don't know when the next time I'll get to hand pick a rifle is I went ahead and bought my 1903 and 8 garands. I was really dreading letting the wife know what I had bought but when I got back to the house the wife asked , well honey did you buy "a" rifle? I said yes honey I did. Since I live in California I was not able to take them, they all have to be shipped to California to be processed through a dealer here so the state can get their cut and register them so they know what I own, now I just need to get the nine rifles into my safe, hopefully while my wife is away. Just make sure your Club affiliation is up-to-date they'll want to see that. The notary piece of paper that needs to be done every 3 years I think is only four rifles but even if it's not while you're there fill that out to get it updated.

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