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Originally Posted by markvs View Post
Washington is an interesting state that is essentially split into two parts by the Cascade range. The west side, aka the Wet Side, or the Liberal Side is NOT very friendly to gun owners like the east side of the mountains, aka the Dry Side, or the Conservative Side. It truly is a remarkable geographic line that splits the weather and politics.

I don't think it has to do with liberals and conservatives. I think it has more to do with the fact that just about every location on the West side that you could at one time shoot outdoors (national forest, logging sites, etc) has been trashed. People take televisions and other random appliances out to the woods to shoot, then leave garbage and spent casings everywhere.
The areas that I hunt are mainly logging sites that post signs prohibiting shooting, but they will allow hunters to use the land. A manager told me that his employees have been in the line of fire too many times.
That tells me it's not about the guns, it's about the individuals who are using them.

There are always those who screw it up for the rest of us, and there seem to be a lot of them.
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