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The easiest will be to buy a second upper. Just there are two issues, weight and your Colt lower pivot pin size. Your lower uses a large pivot pin. Colt made large pivot A3 flattop uppers for about a year but they have been rare to impossible to find for over 20-years.

Armalite and Daniel Defense filled the need for a few years but even those are very had to find anymore. Still, they do show up for sale and Iíve bought two of them over the past 25-years of watching.

If you canít get a big hole upper, then there are adapter pins with bushings that will allow you to use a mil spec upper with your lower.

Now, I tried to make weight with a 20-inch A4 flattop with a 20-inch A2 Gov Profile barrel along with a Vortex (PRS?) optic and my gun is still too heavy. I shoot for fun anymore as I have health challenges so it doesnít matter much but if you need to make weight you may well need to move down to a 16-inch upper. There just isnít a lot of room in the rules for a 20-inch AR and frankly the guys shooting carbines are doing great as long as yii ok i are shooting 100 or 200 yard reduced matches.

For long courses, I dig out my old 12-pound DCM match rifle with the much heavier barrel but clearly thatís not making the weight limited classes.
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