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This may sound silly/ goofy, but check the op rod piston. If it is not "straight" in the op rod, it will drag. Had that issue yesterday with a buddies rifle, tried Three different op rods and gas cylinders, all worked except the one with the "offset/ uneven" op rod piston. Op rod would make a ratcheting noise, when coming out of the gas cylinder (under its own weight/ pressure), when it was tilted straight up and down (in a gas cylinder that was not on a rifle).
Most op rods will just slide straight out of a gas cylinder without any noise.
Hold the op rod piston up towards a light source and slowly turn it. If it's uneven, you will see a gap difference between the end of the op rod and the bottom of the piston.
Your op rod and or Gas Cylinder may also be slightly bent out of specs. I would check both op rod and gas cylinder in Two or Three different rifles and gas cylinders. Hope these couple ideas help in solving your head scratching issue/ problem.