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Good photos. They give a lot better idea of the rear sight and receiver design.

Before drilling and tapping the barrel, I would consider having a base adaptor machined out of aluminum which would attach in the same manner as your many rear sights. This would keep the rifle original, and would allow you much more flexibility in selection of either scope or rear peep sights.

An aluminum base adaptor could be made from a piece of 90 degree stock, that would have a portion on the side to be inserted into the rear sight slot and tightened in place with the thumb screw. It would only have to extend as far forward as the rear of the loading opening so as not to impede loading or ejection. It would rise to whatever height you prefer for eventual attachment of the scope.

A piece of Picatinny rail attached to the top of this adaptor, extending as far forward (or back) as necessary would allow attachment of your scope bases and rings.

Such an arrangement would allow you to remove the entire scope, base, and adaptor for replacement by one of your rear sights for different competitions. If you mount the scope on the barrel as shown in the Photo of the Winchester, it will preclude this option.

Consider using a shorter type of scope with this arrangement, to reduce potential torque on the mount.

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