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So for giggles today I took my Annie to the range with aperture sights and shot at 100yds off the bench using a rest. I tried three different kinds of cheap target ammo. I have no idea if my results are good, bad, or otherwise. I was more concerned about elevation spread than windage (there was about a 6-8mph wind from right to left).

I made an aiming black the same size as a 800 yard mini Palma target and just used my 50 foot zero and shot for an overall group size (FWIW it was about 10” low)

RWS Target 10 rds
Vertical spread 1moa
Horizontal spread 1.3 moa

Geco Rifle 10 rds
Vertical spread 1 moa
Horizontal spread 1.6 moa

Geco Match Rifle 10 rds
Vertical spread 0.8 moa
Horizontal spread 1.6 moa

Link to Mini Palma target sizes
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