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Originally Posted by M1Rifleman View Post
I just got a Ron Brown sling from Creedmoor for my new M1. Extremely pleased with the craftsmanship. Iím used to shooting with the web sling on my M1A, so this is new, slightly more complicated territory. Seems to be a lot of conflicting info on the YouTube videos Iíve watched on how to attach it properly. Why do a lot of guys put the frogs on the inside? Werenít they designed to be on the outside, as to not mar the rifle (or the riflemanís shoulder when using as a carry strap)?
As far as the 1907 frogs. I had mine on the inside but the sling keepers cover the frogs and lock them in place on the sling. So the keepers cover up the points protecting the rifle and the rifleman's shoulder in this configuration.
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