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Originally Posted by jimthompson502002 View Post
There are several different ways to rig M1907's, the "infantry carry" rig being standard. No idea whether this was planned or just happened, albeit I do note B.A.R. men in particular often had their three-hook units set up with the sharp edges of the hooks away from their arms. Another detail many folks miss: Most of those used in the field by infantry were radiused/edge softened--that is, the sharp edges of the "hooks" or "frogs" were rounded or smoothed. MILSCO seems to have done that at the factory, or at least they were pretty uniform. Reason: left sharp, they cut.

My uncle, who was with 101st airborne, rigged his BACKWARDS and had snap pads to go over the hooks made for him in England.
Wow. It was the 101st (through Band of Brothers) that initially got me interested in the M1 many years ago. Do you have any pics of how he rigged it? So interesting!
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