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Originally Posted by M1Rifleman View Post
Wow. It was the 101st (through Band of Brothers) that initially got me interested in the M1 many years ago. Do you have any pics of how he rigged it? So interesting!
His daughter may have, but she died a couple of years ago. He showed me on one of my first M1's back in the mid-sixties.

It's simple. Just reverse everything 180 degrees. By the way, the keepers over the hook points doesn't work too well and tends to retire the keepers early. Never actually saw that in old images.

When I was doing more shooting, especially during the molycoated tests, during which I sometimes burned hundreds of rounds a day, I purchased, then had fabricated, and finally made MYSELF, long, loose keepers, intentionally to cover the sharp points of the hooks. Put as many as four on each sling. There's always some pain with research, especially dealing with whackos who won't read the literature or facts and trying to sort out their madness, but actually BLEEDING is not a welcome part of the repertoire I enjoy or encourage. One purchaser of one of my test rifles had a kind of hissy fit about that, I guess because he couldn't figure out how to remove them or erroneously imagined the extra-long, three-hook custom sling was an antique from the forties (which it wasn't, and that was spelled out in great detail LONG before he got it, and clearly shown and identified in the imagery, same as the re-marked salvage butt stock I got from Ronninger). He also sniveled that I'd had ".308" stamped with "RS" over the bogus left-hand markings, also clearly shown in the photos. Some of that, I guess, involves reading comprehension.

But that's digression.

A sling is a shooting aid, a carrying strap, and a trim or furniture item. Rig 'em in whatever manner works for you, or the way that pleases folks--it isn't the holy rites of a religion. If it becomes that, by all means, stick to the infantry norm. If it's a collector's item, fine. That's an "artifact". But if it's eighty years old, don't blame anyone else when it snaps suddenly and dumps your rifle on the cement.

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