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Originally Posted by hebes405 View Post
I don't shoot mini palma perse. I just started shooting actual Palma and due the scarcity of reloading components, I use a . 22 as a training tool for the real thing.
I shoot the mr31 target (600 yard MR target reduced for 100 yards) which has a 6" aiming black, at 100 yards.

My rifle is a H&R model 12. I use a globe front sight and a redfield international rear. I Iike the model 12 because I can easily mount an Unertl scope if I want an optic and switch back to irons.

Balisticly my 22 at 100 yards is almost the same as my 308 at 600 yards. At 200 yards my 22 is almost identical to the 308 at 1000 yards
Thatís an interesting way to do it-the wind is a lot bigger deal with the .22 though. Makes for good practice I bet
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