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Once again the Pa. State M1, Springfield, & Vintage Rifle Championship was blessed with beautiful sunny skies and warm temperatures. Wily veterans and a few new faces took to the Reade Range firing line and when the scores were totaled Mark Holsopple of Wilcox, Pa made a return to the winners position with a fine 827-12X earning the 3 gun gold State Champion's medal. Second place silver went to Mike Buono with an 809-9 and Tom Hemphill rounded out the top 3 with a 798-7 for bronze.

The individual rifle awards were Tom Hemphill in the M1 match 288-2 and Tom Morley coming out on top in the Springfield and Vintage with scores of 280-7 and 285-9 respectively. A troublesome enbloc in the M1 rapid fire match ended Tom's chances at a repeat in the 3 gun.

Sunday saw Mark Holsopple double up along with teammate Dale Sherman in the Vintage Sniper with a winning score of 382-5.
The team of Tom Morley and Dave Shellhammer followed with a 377-4 for second. Last years winners, Charlie and Max Crotser took home third place. Charlie' truck has developed an appetite for bent sheet metal recently so hopefully the bronze took a little sting out of his first deer kill of the season.

Thanks to all who attended, helped set up, teardown and generally make this a smooth running endeavor, you're cooperation is deeply appreciated.

See you all in the spring!
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