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Default CMP Games: OKC - EIC

[Warning: yuge photos - right click/view image]

A crummy good day. Wind on the ground at 600yds during the team match averaged 5-12mph, but forward in the range probably was the full 15-25 from the south.

A handful of team match shooters had difficulty with the e-targets missing shots. I heard one finally lost connection and a ceasefire was called. The 600yd portion was nixed.

The e-targets were pulled down and paper targets were put up for the EIC, of which only the 200 and 300yd portion would be fired due to time constraints (~70 shooters at 1pm). Thanks to my fellow shooter/volunteers.

Once the walk-on shooters were squadded, things went smooth.

There were water coolers on the Ready line, and bottled water and soda in the pits. Many thanks for that.

Congrats to the Leg winners!

(I, #4, still beat all but one with a new rifle, load, SWAG'd zeroes, and an incorrectly scored target )

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