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Originally Posted by LGreene2 View Post
GunTab is not set up for C&R FFL03 transactions. An FFL03 would have to use an FFL01 to make a purchase or sell directly to another FFL03 which defeats the purpose of having an FFL03.
I contacted GunTab's support and posed the question to them. Straight from the horses mouth:
Hi Steve,

​Unfortunately GunTab does not yet support C&R (Type 3) FFLs. This is because BATF does not publish data for C&R licensees, which makes them difficult for GunTab to recognize, and we have not yet seen enough demand for C&R transactions to invest in building support for them. That means C&R transactions must be handled like modern firearm transactions in GunTab, meaning they must be transferred through a non-3 FFL.

Best regards,

Dan, GunTab Support Team

Thanks for the heads up LGreene.
Seems to me that we need to start sending some emails to GunTab requesting they support 03's if they want our business.

I also sent a email asking Guntab to re-think this stance on not supporting 03's.
Just got back this reply. Maybe it helps to complain?:
Hi Steve,

I hear you. I've just added your comment as a "vote" for our product team to see. They use customer feedback to decide what to build next, so your comment will help guide them.

Thanks for using GunTab.

Best regards,

Dan, GunTab Support Team
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