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Originally Posted by Rootsy View Post
I have used them. In the end it doesn’t seem to make much difference in my shooting. Parallax isn’t the issue it is truly correcting - on a 24 mm objective it is truly minimal. What the reducer is forcing is head position and pressure consistency. With iron sights that small aperture took care of that, the optic with its wide field of view allows you to become sloppy.
So I'm considering joining this century and going optics.........
I've been playing around with them and winding my way thru the various options.......

So I appreciate your with the others who have actually used them.

My question is this:

So idea goes that you need consistent head position/cheek weld etc or else you will introduce parallax issues.....parallax leads to opened groups or wandering zero--(for lack of better terms).....

But if the parallax is so small (so affect on groups).. then why worry about it?

So then, of course, within reason, why worry about forcing your head/eye into a particular spot? (So no need for the reducer).......?

In other words if the affect on groups by the question of parallax is so small, why worry about going thru all these steps to correct or eliminate it?
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