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Default Confused by auction economics

Hi guys,

Pardon the interruption. I've been lurking and learning for a while and am interested in a nice service grade M1 Garand that I can shoot and enjoy. I must admit still being really confused by the prices on some of these rifles going at auction. It seems in many cases the rifles sold on the auction site go for 50% to 100% more than similar rifles available on gunbroker, or if you visit one of the CMP stores in person.

I realize every rifle has a unique history but can someone help me understand this? Is my data set too small? Are only the most "correct" (and hence more valuable) rifles listed online at the CMP auction? Or some other factor? Auction 893264716 on GB is a good example of this I think.

I just want something that looks nice and shoots well.

Thanks in advance,


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