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Received my notification and pass code from My Gun DB. 15 minutes turned to 15 hours (really!). I downloaded it and it, in fact, works. HOWEVER, I keep getting error messages w/ Brownells in them. Close them and everything works. I suspect this was an attempt to link Brownells to the program, probably to try to get some revenue from Brownells. However, he just wasn't able to do it correctly. Thus, the error messages. Why he didn't contract out the customer care part of this, I don't know, but he has missed a golden opportunity to make a comfortable living, since there are many folks outside the military arms collectors with large collections of firearms and other collectibles (stamps, coins, watches, etc.) or even re-loaders desiring to track inventory, who I expect would be interested in a program like this. I expect an enterprising young man with a better business head could reverse engineer this database fairly easily and come up with a very viable (and lucrative) business.

As an aside, I'm going to download the CMP freebie and try both. At some point I'll report, but for the foreseeable future, there's range time and fishing!
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