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Thumbs up Migrating Pictures

Actually, with a little more work, you can bring the pictures over. I need to update the migration instructions to capture this. If you exported the sample data that comes with NM Collector to get your csv format you will notice that there is a folder named Firearms1 in the same directory as your exported file. This folder contains the pictures for the item 1 (value of 1 in the NMCSWITEMID column) in your csv file.

I do not know how you will get your pictures from My Gun DB but I am assuming that they are exported somehow. So, this is how you can import those pictures into NM Collector. Please see screen captures below.

When you manipulate the csv file to import data into NM Collector, make sure you add unique (please, no duplicates!) sequential numbers in the NMCSWITEMID column. Then, add a folder containing pictures of each item in the same directory as your csv file. Name the folder according to the NMCSWITEMID in your csv file. So, if your gun with an item number of 3 has pictures, create a folder named Firearms3 and put your pictures for that item in that folder.

Here are the pictures:

Sample data export directory contents:

Contents of csv file with sample NM Collector Data:

Adding pictures folders for firearms 2 and 3:

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