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Originally Posted by Bwcritch View Post
Just a follow up with my experience using NM Collector. I ran into a little bump when getting everything into an excel format, but I am using a MacBook. NM Collector quickly helped resolve the issue, which was actually pretty minor, take a look at the thread I started in his section for full details. After that was resolved it was pretty easy, maybe 15 minutes of "real work" for the text portion of the database. A little bummed that my pictures did not carry over, but I am not surprised, so I am currently adding pictures, luckily I am somewhat organized with my gun pictures. I am happy enough with the program that I already purchased the full program rather than keep using the 30 day demo/trial. Hope this helps a little.

Thanks for the update! I'm definitely going to look at jumping ship and will check out your thread momentarily.
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